Out of hours maintenance emergency

When to contact contractors

If you have an emergency outside of normal office hours, please contact our emergency contractor(s) whose details we've listed. If the call out is not an emergency and it is something that can wait until the office reopens, you may be charged the cost of the emergency call out. If you become locked out of the property through your own fault you will either need to call a locksmith yourselves or you will be charged the cost of the call out.

You should only contact our emergency contractor:

1) If your Landlord is on our Fully Managed Service. If not, you must contact your Landlord direct.

2) After calling British Gas on 03332 008 899 to check if your Landlord has a Homecare Agreement in Place that covers central heating, plumbing, electrical issues etc. 

3) If the Emergency that you are reporting does not have an item under warranty. if it is then you may be charged for the call out.

For issues with your utlities:

  • If you have a gas leak, please immediately vacate the property and then call Southern Gas Networks SGN on 0800 912 1700.
  • If you have no gas or electricity check your meter is on.
  • If you have a pre-payment meter, please make sure that you have sufficient credit on the meter.
  • If you have a power cut, please call 0800 783 2266 for South East areas and 0800 072 7282 for Southern areas.
  • If you have blocked sewers, please first call out your local waste water company to find out if it is covered by them.

**Please ensure you email pms@letcohomes.co.uk to advise that you have had to call out the emergency contractor. **

Contact details of contractors

Gas or Plumbing

Boiler, plumbing or heating issues - ACP Property Maintenance - 07749 529205, Hampshire NRG - 07702 741091 or Southern Boiler Services  - 07557 539607

If your landlord has British Gas cover please call 03332 008 899


KCT Electrics Limited – 07795 342294


Hampshire Locksmith – 07525 343655

Anything else

ACP Property Maintenance – 07749 529205