Safe Property Agent Unaccompanied Viewings

For Property Owners/Occupiers and Viewers


You will know that visiting properties is an inherent part of our service. For the majority of our contact with customers and clients we will make sure that as much as possible is conducted using digital tools and virtual meetings but it is unlikely that a sale or let will be agreed without at least 1 visit to the property in question. Therefore we will only arrange property visits when there is a strong interest in proceeding.

Our objective

Whilst we want to continue to provide our usual high levels of personal service in the future, this cannot be delivered in a post-COVID-19 environment without some key changes to the way that we operate. The main outcome is to ensure that we protect our colleagues and customers in equal measure.

Preventing Transmission Summary

We have reviewed our processes and made a number of changes to that way that we operate to ensure we keep customers safe. If you feel that you are not able to meet any of these key points please let our team know as soon as possible. This following guidance is for owners and occupants who will be meeting customers who have arranged to view a property unaccompanied.


  •  Prior to the appointment please contact us if there have been any changes to the health of anyone in your household
  • Only pre-arranged appointments are permitted.  Ad-hoc and ‘open house’ style viewings are prohibited
  • Only members of the same household can attend the appointment. The number of people in the property must not exceed 6 except under exceptional circumstances
  • Social distancing rules MUST be observed at all times. Please consider whether younger children and pets should remain outside the property during the appointment
  •  If social distancing is difficult then the property should be accessed by the viewer on their own or face coverings used in line with Government guidelines (unless you are medically exempt).  You could move to a separate space in the property
  •  Please confirm on arrival if you would prefer to wear face covering during the visit
  •  All lights should be switch on and doors opened in advance of the appointment and commonly touched surfaces must be cleaned in advance and after the appointment using domestic cleaning agents
  •  Suitable handwashing facilities should be made available (please provide your own anti-bacterial gel if needed) with disposable towels provided
  •  Everyone should wash/sanitise your hands before and after the appointment
  •  Any discussions should be held outside ideally or in a well ventilated space
  •  Please advise us if there are any personal restrictions that will make adherence to the Government guidelines challenging
  •  If you require a copy of the COVID-19 Secure risk assessment we have completed for property visits, please contact us